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Nissan GT-R Photoshoot

Nissan-Gt-R Photoshoot

Black cars are notoriously hard to photograph at night using the light painting technique. 
I’m pretty sure we have it nailed here although we did have to swap the background.

The location wasn’t a great one due to my misplacing of a converter which would have allowed us to use the light out on location rather than rely on an electric source close by.
(I’m guessing I really do need to purchase a battery pack for the light!!!!)

This Nissan GT-R was vinyl wrapped by Xclusive Customs  over in Poole, Dorset. 

If you have a car that you would like me to shoot then get in touch with me at


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The Milk Spot…

Here she is again, my stunning daughter Millie.
Whenever I photograph a baby, I ask the parents if there’s any blemishes on the babies face that they would want removed from the image.
Small cuts from their fingernails as they scratch their face in the throws of tiredness both desperate to sleep yet stay awake at the same time.

The scratches always get removed, it’s not a feature of their face.
But milk-spots…
Usually the parent will want them removed, but for me, this is a part of them.
In the younger months the baby is covered in them, gradually disappearing as they grow.

In this image Millie still has two, and they are staying in the photo.
We as parents want this memory, soon they will be gone and her face will change ready for new images and memories.

So as a parent, when you get photographs done of your baby, think to yourself, what really is a blemish?
What is, and what isn’t a feature of your baby? What do you want remembered? 

Be sure to discuss this with your photographer at your next baby shoot.

Trev Rich

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Fine Art Photography Now On Sale

I now have a “Fine Art” page where my landscape photography is now on sale.
My usual photography is weddings and babies so photographing landscapes is a relatively new venture for me.

Since taking on a part time job to supplement my income throughout the winter months, it has enabled me to take a step back and focus on the photography that I really love to do.
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Introducing Millie Rich

We are very proud to introduce our gorgeous daughter into the world.
Here she is at just 3 days old, 5lb and 1oz.
Cute as a button and soooooo tiny!!

I didn’t do the usual photo shoot as having the studio set up in the nursery while she sleeps in with us, we can take photos anytime we like 🙂

Very proud parents of this scrumptious little one.

Trev & Dani xx

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BTCC Thruxton 2017 Photos

Absolutely gutted when we made it to the track at 6.30am Sunday to watch the BTCC and support races to discover that Thruxton had erected a catch fence just after Club Chicane.

This is usually an awesome spot for photographers with a low fence giving you awesome photo opportunities. It turns out that British Superbikes have requested that the fence be put up for safety. I agree that catch fencing is an absolute must and I can’t complain in the slightest. And I’m not complaining at all. 

So here are a series of shots from the day taken through the fence!!

I had a lazy day, there to watch the racing so these might be a bit boring as they were all taken from the same spot.

Oh to get the holy grail of a media pass… Something for the future I hope!!

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Sandbanks Hotel Wedding

In the summer of 2016 we were proud to be the official photographers for Lesley and Martyn.
The wedding took place in the Sandbanks Hotel, Dorset.

On arrival we set up to photograph the guests arrival after they had settled into their rooms and made their way to the bar. Smiles were all round as friends and relatives met up and chatted. 

The ceremony was gorgeous, Martyn beemed a huge smile as Lesley walked down the aisle aided by her dear father.
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Swanage Town Hall Wedding – Kelsey & Sev

Sometimes a genuinely awesome couple fleet in and out of your lives as quick as it takes to photograph a wedding.

Meet Kelsey & Sev, I had the utmost pleasure of photographing their wedding in the summer of 2016. What an adorable couple they are.
“They ain’t from round these parts…” but love the area so much that they decided to have their wedding in our cosy surrounding of Swanage.
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Hollycombe Steam Fair Wedding

Every so often, my job as a Bournemouth wedding photographer takes me a little further afield than usual. Such as this wedding for the ever-so-friendly Sarah Jane & Oliver.
I met this adorable couple whilst working with the Swanage Carnival, since then they have moved away but never really lost touch.

The ceremony was held all the way up in Surrey, in the huge  and stunning church of St Annes in Bagshot. A gorgeous well lit venue, perfect to get those all important shots with ease.

With the vows exchanged, and the group photos taken, it was time to head off to the stunning Hollycombe Working Steam Fair. They had booked the whole place to themselves and trust me, it really is a place to behold.
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Italian Villa Wedding – Compton Acres

I was very privileged to be the official wedding photographer for the now Mr and Mrs Wright. (Shall I say she found her Mr Wright? no, I think I’ll leave out that little pun…)

 The day started off in a B&B in Swanage, with Christina and her bridesmaids getting ready with the help of the odd sip of champagne. 
I love being part of the morning events, you see a different side to what you see from the church onwards. It also helps the main women of the day to relax around you. To get used to some guy continually taking photos as you get ready, laugh and giggle.
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Springhead Trust Wedding

Springhead Trust Wedding Photography

What an absolutely stunning place to have your wedding!
The Springhead Trust in Fontmell Magna, near Blandford – Dorset has absolutely stunning grounds, as I found out as the official wedding photographer for the now Mr & Mrs Yerby.

The wedding had been planned with an outdoor ceremony, with the back up option of indoors should the weather not hold out. As the morning ran on with everyone arriving at the Springhead Trust wedding venue, it was uncertain if the rain would hold off, but the wind had picked up and the decision was made to hold the ceremony indoors.
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