Bournemouth Wedding Photography – Finance

I am now offering a finance option to couples on a budget.
With any of my wedding packages I am offering a finance option of paying only £100 per month.

Examples.Springhead Trust Wedding Photography

If your wedding is ten months away, I would ask for a deposit of £150, followed by 8 monthly payments of £100.

If your wedding is only 4 months away, we can arrange a higher monthly payment, or stretch the payments beyond your wedding date.

Unfortunately no images will be passed over to you until full payment has been achieved.

I am willing to discuss various options of finance payments with you so that your dream wedding is still affordable without you having to book an amateur photographer. 

Piece Of Mind

I am hoping that the option of finance, will be a huge help to those on a budget, especially with the option of stretching the payments beyond the wedding date.

You wedding day is such a special event, one that you and your family will always remember. As a professional Bournemouth wedding photographer, I recognize that the photography does take up a large portion of the budget.
With this in mind I’m hoping to make this more affordable to you, by offering a finance option as outlined above.

Do you still get the full package on finance? 

Of course!! The only difference is that you are paying differently.
Usually I ask for a deposit of between £250 and £350, with the remaining balance paid in full 1 month before the date of the ceremony.

Other than paying monthly, there’s absolutely no difference in the package.

How to book with the finance option…

Simply fill out the form below and state that you wish to pay by finance.

It really is that simple!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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