Convert Your Old Photos To Digital

Most people have shoe boxes full of old prints and slides of weddings, anniversaries, graduations and family members tucked away somewhere out of sight.

Such images filled with memories of family and special occasions, with friends and loved ones, can be easily destroyed if not stored properly so why not let me convert them to digital for you?

All those photos that only come out on nostalgic family visits can now be shared to you your friends on social media sites such as Facebook.

I also offer a photo restoration and retouching service; I can eliminate tears, scratches, water damage and unsightly marks usually associated with old photos.

It won’t break the bank!

For only 15p per print, for the first 100 images, you can be assured that updating your photo collection to digital won’t break the bank.

Here’s a price breakdown:

  • 1 – 100 prints / 15p each
  • 101 – 200 prints / 12p each
  • 201 and over / 10p each

120 prints will be £17.40:  (15p x 100 plus 12p x 20)

A flat fee of £9.99 is applied for the disk and postage and packaging.

To book, contact me:

Tel: 07502225158

Photo restoration

Prices vary due to each restoration being different.

A base price for simple restoration is £5, but we will need to see the photo to give an accurate quote.

Quick Fix From   £5.00 Good condition
Basic From   £10.00 Fair condition
Intermediate From   £20.00 Mediocre condition
Advanced From   £40.00 Poor condition
Miracle From   £80.00 Very poor condition

The original image is returned to you, along with the newly restored image on a disk, and also a print if you require.

Please get in touch to discuss a quote.

To book, contact me:

Tel: 07502225158

How is it done?

Photo conversion:

Each image is photographed professionally with a digital camera. I feel that this gives a much better result than a scanner.

Photo restoration:

First I photograph the damaged image with a digital SLR.
I then use Photoshop to carefully restore the image.
A quick fix can take half an hour, but really damaged photos can take a whole days editing.