I now have a “Fine Art” page where my landscape photography is now on sale.
My usual photography is weddings and babies so photographing landscapes is a relatively new venture for me.

Since taking on a part time job to supplement my income throughout the winter months, it has enabled me to take a step back and focus on the photography that I really love to do.

I now have time to plan a landscape shoot and go and do it rather than battling with thousands of new photographers charging pennies for wedding and baby photo shoots.

I am hoping to produce a lot of quality landscape work over the coming months covering the Purbeck area and beyond.

I feel that my style differs quite nicely from the usual photography that adorn our Facebook feeds and maybe, just maybe, this is enough to set me aside and help me flourish.

I will still be taking on weddings and baby shoots for the immediate future, but one day soon I will be stopping this service for the reasons stated above.

To see my landscape photography click here.