I was very privileged to be the official wedding photographer for the now Mr and Mrs Wright. (Shall I say she found her Mr Wright? no, I think I’ll leave out that little pun…)

 The day started off in a B&B in Swanage, with Christina and her bridesmaids getting ready with the help of the odd sip of champagne. 
I love being part of the morning events, you see a different side to what you see from the church onwards. It also helps the main women of the day to relax around you. To get used to some guy continually taking photos as you get ready, laugh and giggle.

I met Mr Wright (good old Jim) down at the East Bar in town. (That’s the Peveril to those in the know!).
According to reports… Jim was a little worse for wear from the antics the night before.
But when we arrived he seemed to be holding his own, doing well and looking almost rosy. I guess when it’s your wedding day, it’s a fairly BIG reason to sober up and fast!

The ceremony was held at Saint Marys, Swanage.   It’s large and quite well lit for a church that size affording you good light for all the special moments during the vows.
It also offers ample space for very large group shots with the church in the background.

With the rings exchanged and the group shots taken, it’s a 45 minute drive and a ferry to Bournemouth for the wedding breakfast and reception.

This was held at the Italian Villa, Compton Acres.
A stunning venue with no exceptions!

While the guests settled in, we made our way around some of the gardens to get those special shots of just the Bride & Groom. What amazing gardens they are!
We managed to get some beautiful images even though it was quite dark  by this point.

The reception featured not only a DJ, but a Casino and a magician too!
Actually you should check him out. You can find him here at https://www.facebook.com/stephensimmonsmagic/

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