When it comes to portrait photography, people with character are so enjoyable to shoot. When you photograph a band of pirates, character just oozes through the lens.

My most recent project is to get some poster style shots of the Purbeck Pirates. So I arranged with two of them to head on down to Peveril Point in Swanage for a quick test shoot. To test the lighting… background, ambience etc. . .
I had a new assistant with me to aid in overall composition and lighting.
Michael Alberry, pleasure to work with and best of luck to him in the future.

5 of them turned up. It seems that pillaging villagers and raiding ports gives them a huge sense of vanity and if there’s a photo-call they drop everything!

The scene couldn’t have been more set than this day, the wind was blustering around the point, waves crashed against the rocks, the sun was setting, the Purbeck Pirates were grinning from pierced ears to rugged jawlines. (And that’s just the women)!

It didn’t take us long to get the exact lighting that we needed to make the subjects pop in the frame leaving a gorgeous murky gritty background.


Post update! How very exciting…?

So a few weeks had passed and the feisty pirates of Purbeck were booked in for another shoot at Peveril Point at 2pm sharp.
Now say what you want about pirates, they stink, they have no sense of morals, men get treated like wenches… the list goes on. One thing I can confirm though is that their time keeping is left to be desired. . .
Maybe their sundials had fallen foul of the latest android update, or they just followed the wrong star. Whatever the reason they eventually arrived at 2.30pm!

So the second shoot was on. A likely bunch stood upon Peveril Point with wind blowing harshly at their weathered faces.
This was a good thing, the wind kicking up their hair and clothing added to the photos. The stormy seas behind them throwing huge waves shore-bound  . . . But the clouds…. Oh where were the clouds? A big shame. usually when you have a photo shoot you hope for clear skies. When you need a decent cloud base it’s sunny! Go figure!

So anyways. we managed to pull of some great shots yet again if I do say so myself.
We were graced by the presence of Jax Parrow. Professional impersonator and he never fails to deliver.

I hope that we did the Purbeck Pirates proud. 
Thanks for a great time and I sincerely hope that you enjoy the photos as much as we did taking them.