As wedding shoots go, the intimate photos of the bride and groom are usually a fairly simple affair of choosing a location beforehand, arriving on the day between the ceremony and wedding breakfast and start the shoot.

Unless the groom has a love for trains!
Well luckily down in sunny Swanage we have a working steam railway that runs between Swanage and Corfe Castle.
Beth and Adams reception was held at the village hall in Harmans Cross which is conveniently right next to the Harmans Cross station.

With tight time deadlines between the ceremony which was held in Oakdale and the wedding breakfast in Purbeck we agreed to just turn up at the station and literally hope a train goes by!! 

So we rock up at the station on the day and hope we get lucky. I had a quick word with the station master who tells us that a train coming from Swanage was due shortly. Fantastic! Perfect!! And then goes on to explain that one will be arriving from the other direction too!!!

For the featured photo above we had to carefully position the newly weds to hide the small crowd of tourists on the platform. We couldn’t really ask anyone to move so we just did the best we could and I’m so pleased with the resulting images.

The driver of the train allowed Adam onto the footplate for a couple of shots which alongside the wedding itself, completely made Adams day!

So if you are looking to have a steam train in your wedding shoot, be sure to book your reception at the Harmans Cross Village Hall.

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